Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dos semana to go

So in two weeks I will be enroute to Santiago... so nothing better to start the trip than by creating a new blog. Let's hope I do a better job of keeping this one updated!! Though given there'll be lots of time in the dark in Patagonia, chances are looking good.

Heading into a month of the spanish speaking world, armed only with the useful phrases of "vino tinto por favor" and "muchas gracias amigo!" (somehow I think the former might be the more useful), I'm excited by the prospect of the broad range of country I'll have the opportunity to see.

The plan at the moment is as follows:

2 June (i.e. today): Finish reading "In Patagonia" by Bruce Chatwin
15 June: Pack madly. As usual, leave packing to the last minute.
16 June: Leave Sydney. Conveniently arrive in Santiago, Chile two hours later. LOVE the international date line.
18 June: Travel to Valparaiso, Chile, and spend some time travelling up and down hills.
20 June: Hopefully cross the Andes. I say hopefully as I'm up against winter and a pass of 3,500m.
21 June: Mendoza, Argentina: 3 days of Malbec, Malbec, Malbec. Or sitting on the other side of the Andes waiting to get through the pass.
24 June: Travel to Cordoba, the town where Che Guevara grew up.
26 June: Travel to Iguazu falls and enter Brazil... albeit for less than 24 hours
28 June: Tangoing in Buenos Aires. Or given the way I dance, watching others tango while enjoying the above mentioned vino tinto.
1 July: Head south to Patagonia, starting in San Carlos de Bariloche where I plan to eat lots of chocolate and fit in a day on the ski slopes
4 July: Head even further south to El Calafate, home to the incredible Perito Moreno glacier, and El Chalten. Apparently I'm only a little crazy to be attempting this in winter.
10 July: Fly to Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego - the most southernmost city in the world, where I'm hoping to cruise the Beagle Channel, ski Cerro Castor, go sledding with the huskies and all kinds of fun.
15 July: Head back to Buenos Aires for my last couple of days
18 July: Board the flight to Sydney which will take me until Sunday evening. I HATE the international date line. Potentially be quarantined for swine flu (let's hope not).

When I write it like that it seems it will be over in a heartbeat. I can't wait to get over there, and practice my Spanish again. I'm so excited about being able to use my new camera and see these amazing places I've wanted to see for so many years.

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